Cake Popsicles

Hi Folks, Let me tell you, lots of people have been asking me about my cakes, how I make them, whether I’ll be doing tutorials etc. And the honest answer is: I want to, it’s definitely in my plan, but with three children things just don’t always happen as often as I’d like. I love […]

Tractor Party

Well last year was all about the diggers so it seemed only fair that this year was all about the tractors. We’re talking about William’s party of course! And I actually loved this party set-up, as I had to get all creative. There is a severe lack of tractor party supplies out there (in the […]

Dear William

Dear William, Wow, my little boy is 3! You’ve grown up so much recently, maybe it’s because you’ve just started pre-school but you’ve gone from being a toddler to a little boy overnight! The thing that describes you best is your sense of fun; you’re always up for a laugh, always trying to make those […]

Potty Training

I think I may have discovered my least favourite parenting job thus far: potty training. There’s no quick fix and it can be all encompassing, and that’s tough. I wanted to palm it off on someone else, for them to deal with it, but that’s not really how motherhood works is it?! So I was […]

Being a NICU Parent – our neonatal journey

When you are pregnant, I don’t think anyone ever expects there to be a problem: you get the elusive positive pregnancy test and immediately you visualise sleepy newborns, beautiful nurseries and if you’re anything like me, you’ve already mentally test-driven several prams. No one expects, or wants to think about, an alternative scenario. Not least, […]

Dear Lydia…

I wanted a way to capture life at this very moment; the days surrounding Lydia’s 5th birthday. So I’ve decided to write little blog entries on the children’s birthdays so that in time I can look back and hopefully be able to re-live these very special moments. Dear Lydia, Our wonderful ‘baby’ girl, you’re turning […]