Imogen’s 3 Month Update

I can’t quite believe that I’m here writing a 3 month update. Surely I’m the woman that’s only just had a baby and I’ve got a teeny, tiny, squishy newborn, no?! People still tell me that she’s tiny, and she isn’t one of those babies with those gorgeous rolls of newborn podge, but to me, […]

A Digger Party

Last month, our little boy William turned two. The passing of time is such a funny thing: I found myself reflecting upon how quickly the two years had passed and yet at the same time; how I find it hard to remember the time before he was born. I suppose quite a lot has happened […]


I always find starting a blog, or a social media channel a little bit odd. I mean, you’re basically talking to yourself aren’t you?! And yet you’re dreaming of the people who may one day read it. I figured that everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my somewhere. Right here. Right now. So […]