I always find starting a blog, or a social media channel a little bit odd. I mean, you’re basically talking to yourself aren’t you?! And yet you’re dreaming of the people who may one day read it. I figured that everyone has to start somewhere, and this is my somewhere. Right here. Right now.

So before we go any further, I thought I better make some headway into letting you know who I actually am. I’m Becky, or Mrs B, or Mummy for that matter. I generally answer to a whole range of names these days but Mrs B is the nickname my husband uses for me and my friends generally call me Becky. I’m a 30 year old Mummy to three wonderful children, who are currently, all under 5! Wow, that sounds ridiculous written down in black and white. We have Lydia, who is nearly 5, William who has just turned 2, and Imogen who is a dinky 3 month old baby. Life in our house is what you might call busy, hectic, chaotic, stressful, fun, or exciting but no one could ever describe it as boring!

I’m currently on maternity leave after having Imogen and as I have so much extra time on my hands (!!!!), I thought I’d give this blogging thing a go. I love reading all manner of blogs and the ones that captivate my interest are always those that have a real mix of content. So my plan is to bung anything and everything on here, be it a Mummy review, our weekend adventures, beauty, fashion hauls or just general Mummy chat and hopefully, some of you may enjoy reading it as much as I know I will enjoy writing it.

So that’s it from me for now, I’m going to sign off whilst two of my little pickles are still asleep and get ready for the school run!

Mrs B x

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  1. Jacqueline A. Martin says: Reply

    Good luck with your new blog, Becky! Looking forward to hearing about the every day life and the adventures of Mrs B. Mummy of 3.. ?

    1. Thank you! I’m busy working on getting some more content up asap. x

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