June Favourites

One of my favourite things to watch/read are monthly favourites so I thought, why not?! I’ll give it a go. I’ve got a real mixture of things that I’ve been loving this month, some beauty, some very much Mummy things. Here they are for June:

Senspa Thai Rituals Skin Renewal Body Polish

I was gifted this after I had Imogen and I’ve really been enjoying using it this month. Since I’ve turned 30 I’ve realised that I can’t neglect my body like I used to and expect it to be just as it once was. And when I first used this on my legs and arms, it left my skin so smooth it was like it had taken years off me. It’s quite a thick texture and has tiny pieces of pumice stone in it that exfoliates as you rub it in. I use mine in the shower, rubbing it in circular motions onto my damp skin and then rinse off. It smells really lovely too, although I’m rubbish at describing scents, it does have quite a citrus scent to it. It’s 97% natural, which is a bonus and costs £6.95. Although I didn’t buy this myself, I probably will re-purchase it.

Nars Blush

I’m quite late to the party on this one as it’s been around for years and beauty bloggers the world over have sung it’s praises. Years ago I was put off by the price as it is a hefty £23, but in hindsight, I wish I’d saved the money I spent on cheaper alternatives and just gone for this as it’s the only blush I think I need right now.

Nars Tinted Moisturiser

For years I was a full face of make up girl. Years of teenage ache and spots caused by my delightful greasy skin (it’s a family thing I think….thanks guys) that only really disappear in pregnancy have left me reaching time and time again for a fairly full coverage foundation. Now I’m a Mum though, I’ve got to be honest and say that I just don’t have time to dedicate that much time to my make up. So most days I just whack on a bit of tinted moisturiser to even out my skin tone and then swirl a bit of powder over the top. After Dior stopped doing my favourite in my shade I’ve tried countless different types and this one so far is my favourite of the lot. The main thing is that it goes on really easily and does a good job of evening out my skin, so I’ve generally been enjoying using it. Will I re-purchase it? Possibly. I still think it’s slightly too orange for my skin tone and I’ve noticed a different Nars product that I might try next.

Pandora Silver Bracelet with Rose Clasp

On Mother’s Day this year we were still in hospital with Imogen in NICU. It was a pretty overwhelming day, seeing our tiny brand new baby in her cot, wired up to all sorts of machines and no answers as to what was wrong. I was two days after having given birth and the hormones were raging, I was missing my other two terribly and feeling incredibly guilty that I couldn’t split myself three ways, not to mention trying to recover from major surgery. All I wanted was my three babies to be safe and healthy and all together and it just wasn’t something that we could make happen. But Mr B pulled out all the stops and brought the two older ones in to visit me in hospital, heavy laden with Pandora bags galore. I was presented with this gorgeous bracelet with the rose gold clasp and two special charms and I haven’t stopped wearing them ever since. The meaning and memories behind it are as beautiful as the bracelet itself and I feel like a very lucky and loved Mummy.

Hawkers Sunglasses

It feels like everyone has a pair of these on Instagram and my sister sent me a 50% off code so I thought it’d be rude ot to try them out. I’m going to get straight in there and say I don’t think they’re the best quality. I think I got the original ones, which weren’t the ones I really wanted but those were out of stock and to be honest, at about £11, they’re great. I love how shiny they are, they’re rose gold and they’re perfectly instagramable! They also stay on my head, where others I’ve had in the past have had a tendency to slide down my nose when bending over. With children as young as mine, I’m always picking up stuff or children off the floor so I just need something practical and something fairly cheap so I don’t wince when they cover them in sticky finger prints or fling them from the top of my head.

Dyson v6 Total Clean

Now we’re on to definite Mummy items. We have been talking about getting a cordless Dyson for ages and we finally took the plunge and ordered this. And Oh.My.Goodness, I don’t know how we managed before! I love, love, love it, which is why I just had to feature it in my favourites. Our house is open plan downstairs and our carpeted lounge opens straight out onto the garden. Obviously with young children this means that we’ve often got bits of grass and mud coming in onto our carpet. The Dyson has given us two main advantages in my eyes: 1) our carpet no longer constantly looks dirty and 2) I don’t stress about it when the children make a mess because it’s so quick and easy to clean up. Seriously, go buy one.

Aden and Anais Disney Bambi Musy Squares

Any mums out there will know that muslin squares are an essential piece of kit for when you have a baby and believe you me, with three refluxy babies we’ve been through more than our fair share of them. We’ve tried ALOT of different brands and as we had most of the baby equipment this time, I finally treated myself to a pack of these. Honestly, they are the softest and biggest ones we have by quite a fair margin. Ok, they’re not cheap and I don’t think we’d replace our entire collection with them because we go through so many but they are gorgeous and worth the money in my opinion.

Boon Drying Rack

This is another baby item, but again, another one that does it’s job really really well. I used to think they were a bit of a gimmick, but actually, it’s brilliant for drying bottles and baby bits. It’s super handy for drying little formula storage pots as it’s really essential they’re properly dry before you put dry powder in them, obviously! We also have the Boon Stem in pink to hold several accessories and the Boon Bottle Brush too and my draining board has never looked so flipping pretty!


So that’s it for June. Hopefully you enjoyed reading what I’ve been enjoying using this month – drop me a line if you want to see more beauty/fashion or Mummy/household items. What have you guys been enjoying?

Mrs B x

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